Taiwan Apple Store Opens Today

Taiwan Apple Store Opens Today

Taiwan Apple Store Opens Today, the first Apple store ever for the customers. Thousand of shoppers were queuing waiting to just see what it was all about.

The Skyscraper which is their tallest building, Taipei 101 is were customers had to flock to just to get there hands on the latest gadgets.

The launch comes just weeks after the US tech giant unveiled a Singapore branch — its first in Southeast Asia — which it expects to be among the most popular Apple stores in the world.

the new store with its iconic glass facade and more than 100 iPhone’s, iPad’s, Macs, Apple Watches and iPod’s laid out for customers to try.

19 year old student, Shih Feng who actually camped overnight in queue said “I am really glad that there is finally an Apple Store in Taiwan so I don’t have to send my iPhone to another country for repair”

Apple has almost 500 stores globally with more than a million visitors daily. Elsewhere in Asia it has stores in Hong Kong, China, Japan and Singapore.