Star Wars R2 D2 sells for nearly $3m

Star Wars R2 D2 sells for nearly $3m

Star Wars R2 D2 sells for nearly $3m. The droid went up at Auction in California and sold for 2.76 million.

The auction house Profiles in History said the 43-inch (110cm) tall unit that was compiled from parts used throughout filming of the original trilogy of star wars, sold for $2.76m on Wednesday.

There was no information about the new owner of the droid, which was the most expensive item offered in a movie memorabilia auction that included numerous props from the “Star Wars” franchise.

Other items up for sale included Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber from the first two films, this sold for $450,000 and then Darth Vader’s helmet from the original film, fetched a $96,000.

Star Wars R2 D2 sells for nearly $3m

Other space-themed film and television memorabilia was also for sale, with a collection of 23 ships from Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers sold for $1.8m. A helmet worn by late actor Bill Paxton on the set of Aliens sold for $51,000.


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