Inspirational story for us all

Inspirational story for us all Norwich

This Inspirational story for us all is about a woman who has opened a coffee shop up in North Carolina. The owner Amy Wright of Bitty and Beau’s coffee shop has employed 40 adults with disabilities.

Amy has employed two managers who have degrees in special education.

Wright’s inspiration came from two of her four children, Beau and Bitty, who have Down syndrome.

When Amy Wright and her husband discovered that nearly 70% of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities do not have jobs, they resolved to do something about it

In January 2016, Wright opened Bitty Beau’s, which employs 40 associates with disabilities like autism or cerebral palsy. I realized it would be the perfect environment for bringing people together.

inspirational story for us all
Amy Wright owner.

Through their employment, they have been given the opportunity to shine as viable and valuable individuals, showcasing their strengths in a world that is continuously setting them apart as a minority. Bitty & Beau’s is a brilliant model for other businesses around the world on how to integrate adults with disabilities in the workforce – giving them the opportunity to use their skills and talents, contribute to society, and provide meaningful experiences, not only for the workplace, but for the clientele, on a daily basis.

Amy says”The daily work grind can definitely take its toll, but we easily forget that our jobs hold significant meaning in the way we perceive ourselves and those around us. Most of us are working the majority of our lives and contributing more of our time to the workforce than anything else – which constructs a direct correlation to our own self-worth”